Broadband Report Card March 2016


Broadband Report Card

March 2016


Provider: BT/38

Unit ID: 59811





There's more to broadband performance than speed alone. We're measuring a range of different metrics to get the complete picture on performance of ISPs nationwide. This report card shows how your broadband connection has performed over the last month.




Downstream throughput

Downstream throughput (or download speed) is the most commonly associated metric with broadband performance. It dictates the rate at which your computer will be able to fetch content (e.g. web pages, pictures, music, video etc) from the Internet.

5.73Mbps Min
10:00, 21/03/16
27.57Mbps Max
04:00, 11/03/16

chart illustrating Downstream throughput

Upstream throughput

Upstream throughput (or upload speed) is the measurement of the rate at which your computer will be able to send or upload content (e.g. pictures, music, videos etc) to the Internet.

1.80Mbps Min
10:00, 21/03/16
2.24Mbps Max
22:00, 04/03/16

chart illustrating Upstream throughput


Latency is the measurement of how long it takes one packet to be sent to one of our test servers, and then returned back to you. This can effectively be thought of as the responsiveness of the connection between your home and our servers out on the Internet.

16.11ms Min
03:00, 01/03/16
45.94ms Max
15:00, 23/03/16

chart illustrating Latency

Packet loss

Packet loss is relatively rare in modern networks. That said, some broadband providers have been known to suffer high packet loss at peak times. If this is the case for your ISP then you may find that time sensitive applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and online gaming will suffer.

0.00% Min
00:00, 01/03/16
26.32% Max
22:00, 01/03/16

chart illustrating Packet loss


If a metric is not viewable, we have not received sufficient amount of data over the last month.
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