Police Community Meeting

South Witham NEEDS YOU!

Community Safety – YOUR SAFETY!


Wednesday 19th October 2016

Public Forum 6:30pm -7pm 


Village Hall South Witham


The police will be present to listen to residents concerns about speeding traffic on;

High Street, Moor Lane, Great Close, North Witham Road and anywhere else anyone wishes to highlight.


Support our campaign to make South Witham a safe village, help us work towards a 20mph zone.


Do you have to cross the High Street to get your child to school, use the shop, doctors etc? Please speak up!

Do you find the pavement too narrow and feel vulnerable from speeding traffic? Please speak up!

Have you had a near miss with a speeding vehicle? Or been concerned how fast people drive in your street? Please speak up!

Is your property / health affected by the volume, fumes, size & speed of traffic? Please speak up!

Please attend the meeting or let the parish council & police know your concerns or support those who have or are affected (which is everyone of you).


Working together brings about change!


Please Do Your Bit (even if it’s a letter).


Thank You.

Residents; Sharon & Chris 17, High St, Helen & David 23, High St, Mark & Sue 27, High St.

Mick 23 Moor Lane, Nikki Great Close.


Start Date: 
Wednesday, 19 October, 2016 - 19:30


Good evening.
I am a resident in Wymondham who is part of s group in our village who attempt to focus on specific issues but namely traffic and share your frustration re speeding vehicles and hgv movements to and from the quarry. We have had community groups before who have completed things like Speedesrch etc and would welcome an opportunity to either meet or communicate by other means if at all possible. I note you have a meeting re the potential of 20 mph however we can't meet then but would offer an olive branch so to speak in an attempt to help.

If you wanted to discuss this further please drop me an e-mail and we might be able to meet
Kind regards
Sean Kerr