Hill View Gritting Plan

The Big Clean

southkesteven_0.png  South Kesteven District Council  is launching the BIG CLEAN

This is initially a 12 week street cleaning programme for the District starting in August

If you know of any grotspots within South Witham village that need attention, such as

Graffiti, fly tipping, weeds, litter, broken street furniture/signs

Please report to SKDC at

www.southkesteven.gov.uk/skbigclean or by calling 01476 406066

Also if you are willing to help with the clean up, please visit the website for further details.

For updates on the project follow #SKBigClean

Priority Order

  1. Steps opposite Blue Cow
  2. Hill  View Junction with High Street
  3. Hill View Road / Hill View Road Junction adjacent to grit bin
  4. Hill View Turning Point
  5. Cobbled road north of Grit Bin


These priorities are not set in stone and can be changed based on on the ground knowledge